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Koalas can jump between tree branches. It takes less energy to move from tree to tree by climbing or jumping across than to get down to the ground and up again.

Koala Fact No. 23

Did you know koalas can JUMP?

Oh yes indeed koalas can jump several metres from one tree branch to another. They don’t look like they would jump about, and to be honest they don’t jump all the time, but they do make some great leaps.

It takes a lot of energy to climb down a tree for maybe 30 metres to the ground, and then to have to climb all the way up the next tree.

Sometimes a koala would have to climb down maybe 10 or 20 metres to where the branch they are on joins the trunk to get to another branch.

So if they can jump across, even though the jump takes some energy, it takes a lot less than all that up and down climbing.

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