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The caecum, or appendix, is where nearly all digestion takes place for the koala. It is full of billions of special bacteria that break down the tough eucalyptus leaves for the koala to absorb.

Koala Fact No. 28

The koala’s caecum (appendix) is a whopping 200 cm long.

In adult people, the appendix is about 4 inches long, or about 10 cm.

Hang on, wow!

My mind is spinning when I think of how big a koala is, compared to a person. I look at their tummy and try to imagine 200 cm, or nearly 80 inches of appendix in there and I’m like, no way!

But it’s true. Another name we give to the appendix when it is in an animal that has a big one is Caecum.

This big caecum is the secret to why koalas can eat those tough eucalyptus leaves.

It is full of billions of bacteria that break the leaves down for them. These bacteria are super important and mums pap is full of them. This is why joey must eat pap to get ready to eat leaves – the bacteria get their little caecum up and running. Kind of like a big kick start.

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