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Koalas need trees to live in and to eat, so if we continue destroying trees then we will have no koalas and that's a fact.

Koala Fact No. 30


You may have heard that koalas get a few different diseases and this means they have to go to koala hospitals.

What we know is that the main reason they get sick is because they don’t have enough thick areas of good food trees.

So they get sick more because of what is happening to them, than because there are diseases they can get.

This means one really important thing – we need to work together to provide trees for koalas to live in. We need lots and lots – millions of trees please!

We do need to help sick koalas, but even more we need to get habitat planted in the places where koalas live.

Imagine if every person in Australia could plant one tree each – how many trees would that be?

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