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Mist the wild female koala shows that koalas have very strong arms

Koala Fact No.10

The strongest part of a koala is their arms. All we have to do is watch a koala in action to realise how true this is. When a koala climbs in a tree, they pull themselves up using their arms. Their feet kind of give a helpful pushing and...

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Koala Fact No. 9

While koalas live in colonies, they also live alone. This is a hard one to explain sometimes because it’s like they live in family units, but they don’t actually get together. You won’t see a couple of koalas sharing a tree branch and picking ticks off each other. Yet...

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Wild koala Mist showing clearly that she has two thumbs on each hand

Koala Fact No. 8

Koalas have two thumbs on each hand. Yep, I’m not kidding, this is a true fact. This means they have only 3 fingers, and then both their thumbs work together to give them the most amazing ability to grip those branches way, way, way up high in the tree...

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Mist is a wild koala and every koala have a unique fingerprint, just like humans

Koala Fact No. 7

Koalas have fingerprints! Now this is really an amazing fact as you know that we have fingerprints. Apart from us, the humans, the only animals in the whole world that have fingerprints are some of the gorillas and chimpanzees, and koalas. Isn’t that one of the most awesome koala...

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Joey is the name given to the young of all marsupials.

Koala Fact No. 6

Did you know that all young that grow inside a pouch are called a joey? Only marsupials have a pouch, so we can say that all baby marsupials are joeys. Other marsupial animals are wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, tasmanian devils, numbats, possums, gliders, bandicoots and bilbies are just some of...

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Koala joey drinks mothers milk in the wild until they are around 1 year old

Koala Fact No. 5

When that tiny jelly bean sized joey gets into mum’s pouch the search is on for a teat that produces life-giving milk. When joey finds that teat, it will take the teat into the mouth and the teat swells up with milk until joey’s mouth is open as wide...

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Racee is a wild koala with a joey in her pouch

Koala Fact No. 4

A koala joey stays inside mums pouch for around 6 months. That tiny joey will spend that 6 months drinking milk and growing and growing and growing. Joey will develop proper arms and legs, ears, eyes and grow fur all over. This all happens inside that pouch, and joey...

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When born a koala joey is about the size of a jelly bean

Koala Fact No. 3

A koala joey is about the size of a jelly bean when born.  That is around 20 millimetres.  This is not even an inch long. Can you find a measuring tape and work out how big that is, then hold you your fingers just 20 mm apart? That is...

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There are many Australian aboriginal name derivations for koala including burribi

Koala Fact No. 2

This is a really tricky one to explain because there is not just one aboriginal language, but many of them. It seems that the word koala appears in many forms in the languages, with subtle changes.  Many of them sound like koala, but some don’t. Koala in whatever variation...

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Koala mum and joey telling us they are not bears but marsupials

Koala Fact no. 1

200 years ago when the first white people came to Australia they thought the koala must be some kind of bear. The correct name is koala and they are a marsupial.  This means their young are born tiny and undeveloped, and crawl into a pouch to feed on milk...

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