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Koalas need trees to live in and to eat, so if we continue destroying trees then we will have no koalas and that's a fact.

Koala Fact No. 30

NO TREE NO ME You may have heard that koalas get a few different diseases and this means they have to go to koala hospitals. What we know is that the main reason they get sick is because they don’t have enough thick areas of good food trees. So they get sick more because of […]

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Wild koalas are made to live in the treetops. When on the ground they are in danger of cars and dogs in particular.

Koala Fact No. 29

Koalas are most vulnerable (or at risk of something bad happening) when they are on the ground. Koalas are totally made to live in the tree tops. Everything about them works best up there. Their arms are long and strong and their legs are shorter and weaker. When on the ground they cannot walk upright, […]

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The caecum, or appendix, is where nearly all digestion takes place for the koala. It is full of billions of special bacteria that break down the tough eucalyptus leaves for the koala to absorb.

Koala Fact No. 28

The koala’s caecum (appendix) is a whopping 200 cm long. In adult people, the appendix is about 4 inches long, or about 10 cm. Hang on, wow! My mind is spinning when I think of how big a koala is, compared to a person. I look at their tummy and try to imagine 200 cm, […]

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In order to cool down in summer without losing body moisture, koalas hug large tree trunks.

Koala Fact No. 27

Koalas hug trees to keep cool in the summer. Summers in the northern part of NSW and up into QLD can become very hot, and particularly humid. One strategy koalas have to keep a bit cool is to hug large tree trunks. Remember koalas do not drink water, so they need to find a way […]

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Koalas have very sensitive noses that can chemically analyse the content of leaves by smell - they can detect levels of eucalyptus oil and water, and other compounds.

Koala Fact No. 26

Koalas can tell what is in a leaf by the smell. Koalas have incredibly sensitive noses, and they are very special. When a koala climbs into a tree, before they start eating they will smell the leaves over. What is happening is not just smelling the perfume of the leaf, but they can actually tell […]

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To build up strong arms and legs, joey rides along on mums back.

Koala Fact No. 25

Joey will ride on mums back for several months. When joey first comes out of mums pouch it isn’t for long each time. Mostly joey will sit in mums lap and mum will kind of make a cradle with her body for safety. As joey gets a little stronger, he will crawl about and hold […]

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Koala numbers are dropping every single year and they are heading to extinction.

Koala Fact No. 24

Koalas are listed in NSW as vulnerable – meaning they could become extinct! It is very sad to have to say that koalas are dying out fast. The loss of so many of the trees they need to live in has caused them to have nowhere to live and no food. This means they end […]

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Koalas can jump between tree branches. It takes less energy to move from tree to tree by climbing or jumping across than to get down to the ground and up again.

Koala Fact No. 23

Did you know koalas can JUMP? Oh yes indeed koalas can jump several metres from one tree branch to another. They don’t look like they would jump about, and to be honest they don’t jump all the time, but they do make some great leaps. It takes a lot of energy to climb down a […]

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Koalas need special trees that are only found in the bushland that grows along the coast of Eastern Australia

Koala Fact No. 22

Koalas only live along the east coast of Australia Koalas need a certain type of Australian bush to live in for their food. This bush is only found in some parts of Australia. So you won’t find a koala anywhere and everywhere in Australia. Of course to find one at all you have to look […]

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Koalas may look cuddly but they are wild animals with sharp claws and teeth and do not make good pets

Koala Fact No. 21

It is illegal to keep a koala as a pet. Koalas are wild animals. They are specially adapted to live high in the treetops, and they live quite alone. For these two reasons alone they do not make good pets, because they would not be able to live the way they are made to live. […]

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