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To build up strong arms and legs, joey rides along on mums back.

Koala Fact No. 25

Joey will ride on mums back for several months. When joey first comes out of mums pouch it isn’t for long each time. Mostly joey will sit in mums lap and mum will kind of make a cradle with her body for safety. As joey gets a little stronger, he will crawl about and hold […]

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Koala joeys in the wild are ready to look after themselves by 12 months or one year old.

Koala Fact No. 19

Joeys stay with mum until they are around 1 year old.  Here in northern NSW they usually weigh around 3.5 – 3kg by this time. Joey is tiny when born, and lives in mums pouch, drinking milk until around 6-7 months old. Joey then starts sitting in mums lap, and by 8 months old can […]

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Joey is the name given to the young of all marsupials.

Koala Fact No. 6

Did you know that all young that grow inside a pouch are called a joey? Only marsupials have a pouch, so we can say that all baby marsupials are joeys. Other marsupial animals are wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, tasmanian devils, numbats, possums, gliders, bandicoots and bilbies are just some of them. How many of these had […]

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Koala joey drinks mothers milk in the wild until they are around 1 year old

Koala Fact No. 5

When that tiny jelly bean sized joey gets into mum’s pouch the search is on for a teat that produces life-giving milk. When joey finds that teat, it will take the teat into the mouth and the teat swells up with milk until joey’s mouth is open as wide as it can go. This helps […]

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Racee is a wild koala with a joey in her pouch

Koala Fact No. 4

A koala joey stays inside mums pouch for around 6 months. That tiny joey will spend that 6 months drinking milk and growing and growing and growing. Joey will develop proper arms and legs, ears, eyes and grow fur all over. This all happens inside that pouch, and joey will go from 1 gram to […]

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